Who is Nargathrond? - What does Nargathrond?

Nargathrond is a music producer and composer. In the early beginnings the idea was to combine multiple metal-styles with different guest singers.

Now the music production style of NargathrondMusic focuses on the following music types of the film and game industry:

– Soundtracks/ Songs
– Trailer Music
– Production Music

The musical repertoire includes the following genres, which can be distinguished from one another but can also be combined:

Electronic (Synthwave, Cyberpunk, Witchhouse,..)
Scores/Minimal (Horror, Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Action)                                       
Cinematic Music (Orchestral, Epic,…)
Rock and Metal (any kind)

If you are looking for a songlicense or a personal soundtrack – take a look at Songlicenses .

By the way I also release my own music. If you are interested in shirts an physical goods of me you can find it at Merchandise.

Nargathrond Music