Albums und EPs

Album – Killing Season – 2023

The idea behind this album was to tell a horror story with music.
The album describes the story of a couple in which the man goes berserk,
takes his girlfriend into the forest, rapes her and kills her.
Now her spirit haunts these woods, taking vengeance on any men who come near her death’s spot.
If this would be a movie, there have to be massive gore elements!

Album – A REAL NIGHTMARE – 2022

„A Real Nightmare“ tells the story of a young couple who wanted to escape their dayly life. So they decide to visit an old creepy cinema and watch a horror movie. But unfortunatly they got drawn into this movie und must face the slasher Alastair Marshall aka „Soulburner“.
The music style reach includes Synthwave, Gothic Rock, Dark Metal. Everything possible inbetween these genres.
Expect an experience you never had before and enjoy this beautiful work!
The two guest singers „Starkiller“ and „Séven Van Taisie“ will add an additional personal note to a few songs.

EP – END OF DAYS – 2021

This album describes the process when mankind destroys themselves and the planet earth by their own acting. It is the first full EP of Nargathrond. The musical journey you can expact goes through different genres like Dark Synthwave, Gothic, Black Metal. Featured artists on guest vocals are Johnny Deathshadow and Shepardo.

Album – A FREE SPIRIT – 2019

Last Copies of my second Album „A Free Spirit“ feat. Czernobog. Not available anywhere else! Atmospheric Depressive and Melodic Black/Gothic Metal

Album – FREIGEIST – 2015

Solo-project of Nargathrond who does all instrumental songs.
Different guest singers give all these songs a voice.
Every Song – a unique Singer!
You get Trash-, Heavy-, Death-, Black Metal, Core, Goth Rock.


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