Horror Trailer Album 
Contains 12 Tracks with various imaginations of Horror Music.
Including hellish soundscapes, tension pianos, earthshaking impacts and also electronic elements. 

Synthwave Production Music Album 
Contains 11 Tracks in classic Synthwave style with various emotions (happy, dreamy, melancholic, action)and adding further instruments (orchestral, guitar, saxophone) to it.
You can tell a whole love story tragedy with this album.

Crime, Drama and Mystery Album

Countains 10 tracks production music made for scoring. Reach from emotional soundscapes, ambient and sad textures, up to vicious, orchestral, scary and mysterious atmospheres.

Horror Production / Backround Music in Style „Modern“, „Scifi“, „Retro“, „Soundcapes“, „Slasher“
The tracks are only available via licensing through Music Sculptor here:  musicsculptor.com/catalogue/MSC163

Retro Horror – Synthwave for 80s slasher horror or similar.


Science Fiction – Cinematic Synthwave for everything extraterrestrial.

Cinematic Trailer Music – Modern unique epic trailer music to the current state of the art.

Metal Impact – Soundtracks of Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal and Core.

Atmospheric Horror – Scary, intense and modern horror scores which teaches you to fear and gives you goosebumps!