Horror Trailer Album 
Contains 12 Tracks with various imaginations of Horror Music.
Including hellish soundscapes, tension pianos, earthshaking impacts and also electronic elements.

-> Ready for exclusive licence

Production Music made for scoring. Reach from emotional soundscapes, ambient and sad textures, up to vicious, orchestral, scary and mysterious atmospheres.
-> Ready for exclusive licence!

Horror Production / Backround Music in Style „Modern“, „Scifi“, „Retro“, „Soundcapes“, „Slasher“
The tracks are only available via licensing through Music Sculptor here:  musicsculptor.com/catalogue/MSC163

Retro Horror – Synthwave for 80s slasher horror or similar.


Science Fiction – Cinematic Synthwave for everything extraterrestrial.

Cinematic Trailer Music – Modern unique epic trailer music to the current state of the art.

Metal Impact – Soundtracks of Black Metal, Death Metal, Heavy Metal and Core.

Atmospheric Horror – Scary, intense and modern horror scores which teaches you to fear and gives you goosebumps!